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How our site consultancy services can help you

Our extensive range of site consultancy services covers every essential process imaginable, including:

Site Strategies

There may be several potential uses for your land. To get the best value for your site we consider all residential and commercial use classes before proposing an overall strategy. We consider uses such as residential care, self-build housing schemes, social housing, affordable housing, retail parks, retail, drive-throughs, storage, light industrial and more.

Planning Risks

As planning permission can be costly to achieve, it is important to identify the potential risks involved upfront and to come up with a strategy to mitigate or minimise these risks. This can involve an assessment of political issues in the area, reviewing precedence for planning on similar sites, identifying key stakeholders in your Local Planning Authority and more.

Technical Constraints

In the initial setup of your project we will assess which surveys will be required from technical specialists and recommend a budget for each of these alongside timescales for when the surveys will be required. We also value engineer the process so that more complicated and costly surveys are left for later in the process and sometimes even undertaken by the buyer of your site.

Sensitivity Analysis

We consider which key assumptions are made to determine the value of your site and the impact of any variations to these assumptions. It is important to ensure that sites are feasible to build even when there are fluctuations to market prices, build costs and S106 and affordable housing requirements.

Market Analysis

Before going in for planning permission it is essential to undertake research on how the market is performing in your local area to determine what type of scheme to submit. Your site will only be valuable to a developer if they are able to deliver on and sell the end product. We undertake an indepth analysis of the market in your area by looking at comparables, assessing industry statistics, liaising with local experts and speaking directly to site buyers.

Planning Policy Analysis

We identify and reference all the relevant planning policies both at a local level in your council’s Local Plan and at a national level in the National Planning Policy Framework. We also consider any local precedence for your proposed type of development alongside any recent changes to case law that can be leveraged to gain planning.

Calculating House Density

It is important to consider how to maximise the density of your site by laying out your scheme in an efficient way whilst confirming to local and national standards. We always consider multiple layouts before reaching a final design to ensure that the maximum value is achieved for your land.

Housing Mix

Working out the best mix of housing in your area will drive the best value for your land as it ultimately makes the site more saleable. We research precedence and demand in your local area alongside what types of housing are commercially viable for a developer to build

If you have land that you are thinking about selling and need some help on what to do next, get in touch for an initial free of charge site appraisal. If you decide to move forward with our Land Promotion service we undertake a more detailed level of research on your site covering all the aspects above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Montague Land Partners?

Property developers will look to buy your land for the lowest price they can pay. In comparison, as Land Promoters, we work in partnership with you to maximise the value of your land and negotiate with developers to drive the highest value we can.

We place the goals and interests of our landowners at the heart of everything we do. We have a number of solutions based around the landowners goals and interests where we take in to consideration any specific requirements around timings, values, discretion, deal structure and more.

What is involved in obtaining planning permission?

We are responsible for funding and project managing the entire planning process from start to finish.
This extensive process includes, but is not limited to: liaisons with relevant stakeholders (e.g. planning officers, committee members, architects, planning consultants, etc.) on-site surveys, housing needs surveys, and the preparation and submission of plans.

We also cover all public consultations, CIL & S106 negotiations, planning appeals, utility connections, infrastructure planning and more

To understand the process in more detail, read our guide on how to apply for planning permission.

How much does it cost to get planning permission?
Getting planning permission can be a costly exercise as it involves specialist surveys, planning fees and detailed technical work. Costs can vary from £10,000 for a very small site through to in excess of £200,000 for a larger site. When we work with landowners as land promoters we fund the entire process from start to end.
What will be built on my land?
We will always explore every potential use for your site in order to determine a strategy that will offer the best returns for you. Alongside residential homes we consider uses such as residential care, self-build housing schemes, social housing, affordable housing, retail parks, retail, drive-throughs, storage, light industrial and more

As we work in partnership with our landowners, we will always consult you on what the potential use of your site would be before submitting a planning application. If you have a particular preference of what you would like to see on your land we can create a plan to accommodate this where feasible to do so.

Can I choose what goes on my land?
Absolutely, we have full flexibility in the way our agreements are drafted. So if you have a preference of what you would like to see on your land, we are able to accommodate this.
How long will it take to get planning permission?
The typical time the council has to respond to a planning application is 6 to 12 weeks—and we do our utmost to work within these parameters. Timescales can vary from council to council, extending approval times in some cases.

As experienced Land Promoters, we are equipped to tackle every administrative roadblock, provide any additional information swiftly, and minimise approval times.

What if planning is refused?

As we fund every aspect of the planning process and invest a significant amount of time into each project, we put every measure in place to ensure our applications are approved.

If for any reason a local authority refuses a planning application, we can raise an appeal at no cost to you. In the event that an appeal proves unsuccessful, you will retain full ownership of your land.

What are my chances of getting planning permission?
Whilst there is never a guarantee of obtaining planning permission, we typically aim for a 90% success rate across all of our sites. We will only take on your site if we feel there is a strong possibility of success, as we are investing our own time and money into the process.
Will my neighbours find out?
At some stage in the process your neighbours will most likely find out about your planning application. We understand that sometimes these situations can be sensitives and therefore we can be as discrete as possible when conducting site visits.

We will also advise you along the way about when the application will be made public knowledge so that you can manage this with your neighbours where required.

Will I receive a large tax bill after I sell my land?
You will accrue a tax bill when you sell your land.

However, through careful planning and taking the right advice, you can keep your tax liability to a minimum. We have worked with the UK's leading tax experts for landowners, and we can introduce them to you or to your own accountants to advise on how to reduce your tax liability where possible.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Want to know what we can do for you?