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About Montague

Who we are

We work on sites across England with teams setup in the North, Midlands and South. Through our expert knowledge of the planning system we are capable of taking on sites from single dwellings through to larger schemes of 200 of more homes.

Over the years we have established a wide network of contacts with various Local Planning Authorities, specialist consultants and site buyers. Alongside our technical and commercial knowledge, we are able to use these relationships to get the best possible outcome for our landowners.

Who we are

What makes us stand apart is that we have the capability to carry out land promotion and developments of almost any size. This means all landowners are treated with the same level of respect and importance.

We are currently working on sites that vary in size from small plots for 1-2 houses, up to 10 acres sites for 150+ houses.

We also have a great deal of flexibility in location, as we have a pipeline of sites located all over the UK, from Birmingham to Essex. This flexible approach means that we are able to help even more landowners to get the most from their land.

Our Approach

We understand that every landowner has a unique set of circumstances and therefore we focus on building solutions that fit their specific needs and requirements. We get to know the landowners that we work with on a personal level and always keep them up to date and involved throughout the process.

As a small team we can be flexible in our approach and offer tailored solutions where they are needed. This often includes local stakeholder management which can be the driving force behind achieving planning permission in your local area.

Want to know what we can do for you?

Want to know what we can do for you?